we create brands

For creatives, there is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas. To start a project with a mere concept and create an entire living brand is always an extraordinary experience. To that end, we are constantly developing, incubating and curating new ideas, brands, products and properties—for both wellness clients and ourselves. Why? First, there’s the great high you get from successfully nurturing and bringing an idea to market out of thin air. Second, when done well, it can be a great passive source of new revenue, a nice way to buttress your P&L in a tough economy. And third, we can’t think of a more credible way for our clients to see, first hand, that we not only understand branding—we understand business.

we revitalize and expand brands, too

Clients with existing brands need to keep them current. We bring a fresh, resonate voice to existing brands— enhancing every aspect of the brand-customer relationship. The full brand experience isn’t simply about look or feel. It’s about a lasting, visceral impression that becomes more powerful and ingrained every time your customer interacts with your product or service. Our goal is to create clear, compelling brand images for existing businesses and to define, nurture and extend a memorable brand experience. We tend to attract discerning clients looking for strategic thinking, engaging concepts, inspiring design, and business-minded collaboration.

our services

Brand strategy and positioning
Naming and identity design
Product ideation
Package design
Collateral and publications
Corporate communications
PR and publicity campaigns
Social Media
Event branding and promotional marketing
Advertising campaigns
Environmental design
Web design and digital media marketing