Rebranded in June 2011 with the new focus, “Wellness Matters,” Shurn Group is a unique health + wellness branding, marketing, design, publishing and product development firm

in the beginning

Founded in December 2008, Shurn Group began as a distinctive brand and marketing firm built on a solid foundation with senior partners, Kim and Jay Jacobs, having spent their careers on all sides of the industry: agency, in-house and vendor. Third partner, Jennifer Jacobs came in heading up social media & online brand awareness initiatives.

the call

The group’s client list was impressive enough, but it wasn’t until they got the call from NBC that would change their lives and business forever. Not a call for new work as one might expect, but an opportunity for a new life. Challenged for years, this family saw their weight reach new heights. When Jennifer realized where her future was heading without a major lifestyle change she took the lead to change their course by auditioning for a weight loss program.

against all odds

From 250,000+ auditions, Jay and Jennifer were selected. For the next eight months, Kim held down the fort while managing partners Jennifer and Jay went incommunicado as the Green Team on Season 11 of NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser.”

wellness matters

Jay and Jennifer lost a collective 295lbs, Kim lost 105lbs at home on her own and the entire family went from fat to fit, losing a combined 800lbs. Upon their return, the managing partners redirected their focus on wellness-based companies and quality of life endeavors. A fit family emerged and a new Shurn Group was born. In addition to branding and marketing, Shurn Group : Wellness Matters now partners with companies to create workplace wellness programs providing a culture of well being for employees, families and the overall health of a corporation.